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NY Gov proposes iPod tax

A few of the things that will cost a little more under the new state budget: Clockwise from top; sporting events, alcohol, Internet downloads, shopping, taxis, soda, movie tickets, and cable TV.

NY Governor, David Peterson does not think that the global economic crisis is a good time for citizens to be entertained. A part of his plans to ease the slowdown is to impose a tax on all electronically delivered entertainment services. This is now widely billed as the iPod tax, which is a misleading name as the tax is not meant only for iPod users.

The law applies a 4per cent tax on everything — eBooks downloaded from elibrary.net to porn from adultemart.com. Popular services like NetFlix and Amazon will also come under the umbrella of the iPod tax. This is part of a $121 billion budget covering the next year. Almost anything that is liable to make Gov. Peterson’s voters feel good is going to be taxed, in order to ease the credit crunch. This includes TV, beer, wine and cigars. Apart from the iPod tax, or the iTax, there is also the strange obesity tax on sugary soft drinks.