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Scientologists against HIV+ protesters

Scientology has become something of an in-joke in the global Internet community. Open discussion across image boards, forums and blogs about the dubious activities of the scientologists, saw the Church of Scientology targeting individuals in a number of cases. The internet community organized themselves into the Anonymous Collective (so that the Church of Scientology could not play hardball) and continued circulating jokes online. Also, real world protestors (with hidden identities) started displaying their complete lack of sympathy for the Scientologists.

The Church of Scientology is notorious for having a many-tiered hierarchy, where you learn and evolve towards your inner immortal soul. The Aliens have something to do with it too, but no one really knows exactly what. By the end of it, you get to be Superman, or Tom Cruise, or something like that. On the way there though, you get a few evolution points for banning protesters against their activities and beliefs.

These protesters are people who picket outside the premises of any building owned by the Church of Scientology, over issues like their underhanded techniques for curtailing protesters, their belief of homosexuality as a disease, and providing financial aids to anti-gay legislations.

The Church of Scientology is by no means harmless, and they have powerful ways of stopping protesters, both legal and illegal. The Church of Scientology has gone ahead and enforce legal restrictions on two homosexual HIV+ protesters, one of whom is himself an ex-Scientologist. These protesters are not anonymous and anonymous, but Angry Gay Pope and Happy Smurf. And no, the aliens were not able to cure Happy Smurf of his “disease”.