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Why iPad May Not Be a Hit

The iPad has finally arrived in India and Steve Jobs claims that it’s “more intimate than a laptop, and it’s so much more capable than a smartphone.” Comparing it with Apple’s own smartphone, the iPhone, and what do we see, a larger screen hence an interface to support the larger screen, thanks to the large screen we now have a larger keyboard, a larger screen enables better use of productivity software - kind of like an iPod avatar in a larger body.

Sure, the faster processor means it is more capable technically. The Nexus One itself features a 1GHz processor, and does not come with the shackles surrounding the iPhone OS store. When comparing it with the iPhone you come to realize that the iPad is just an oversized iPhone which can’t make calls.

Steve Jobs discards netbooks as cheap laptops, yet the iPad is still to show any multitasking capabilities. Better than a netbook really? The iPad fails to be better than even an iPhone.

So here are 10 reasons why we think the iPad may not be so hot
  1. No multitasking. Remember, it’s meant to be better than a netbook.
  2. No Flash support. “The best web experience”; indeed
  3. Screen is not widescreen. Well, innovation sometimes takes us a few steps backwards
  4. No HD output. Who watches HD these days anyway?
  5. No camera. So much for video chat
  6. No USB port. Don’t want to be too much like a netbook now do we?
  7. No SD card slot. Cause 64 GB ought to be enough for anybody
  8. Essential peripherals sold extra: keyboard, USB, SD card dongles, each sold for $30!
  9. Another iPhone-like operating system. Read closed system.
  10. You need to pay $10 per app for the iWork productivity applications suite.
Even so; the iPad has a chance for success, and for many of the same reasons that the iPhone is a success. It is a beautiful product, with a dedicated developer community which just won’t give up despite the constant abuse. It has hundreds of thousands of applications which give it an edge over new platforms which have lesser applications. The iPhone continues to be a favorite of many because it is a pleasure to use despite its many flaws. Apple may not have done anything new here, but just given a more of the good old stuff that they already know works.