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ASUS Shows Off Upcoming Boards

ASUS recently held several technical seminars across the world. Digit was invited to one held in Singapore late October. ASUS showed some of their upcoming boards based on Intel's P67 chipset. One of the boards to be showcased was the Saber tooth P67 was one of the interesting designs with a clean flush surface covering most of the board. There are also plenty of sensors in the board which give the user an accurate idea of hot spots. ASUS calls it the Tactical Vest and its aimed at improving air flow around the board.

Following the rest of the RoG series, was the Maximus IV Extreme board based on the same P67 chipset. The board is aimed at extreme over clockers and there have been some unique features such as overclocking remotely using an iPad or iPhone.

ASUS also showed many other P8P67 boards for different price brackets and in different form factors. One that caught our eye was a mini - ITX board. The seminar highlighted some of the features designed for their upcoming boards, after which there were overclocking demos shown by R&D staff from ASUS.