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Speed Up by Better Task Management

Most of our time is occupied with completing tasks ¬be it office work, paying the bills or scheduling meetings. While some might feel that technology is complicating things, with a few essential sites and software, it's possible to plot and plan out our lives to be a little more organized.

Mind mapping - Blumind

Use mind mapping software such as Blumind (www.hyfree.net/product/blumind) to help plot things out easily. Simply create topics and attach a subtopic to it. This could be a plan for a project, or even a daily schedule that you would like to follow.

Blumind - Mind mapping made compact, simple and effortless

Alarms / Reminders

For urgent reminders, use apps such as Minute Timer on Windows - it pops up alerts and reminders. Stopwatch & Timer is just one example available in the Android marketplace.

Minute Timer is a great timer app to keep your tasks on track

Google Tasks

An easy way to keep track of a To-do list is use Google Tasks. It's available on Gmail on the sidebar.

Accessing http://gmail.com/tasks from your mobile phone will show up the list of tasks. There is also very good integration with Google Calendar which makes things seamless. Astrid, a free app for the Android platform sync local tasks with Google Tasks. Priorities and reminders for tasks can also be set using it.

Make sure to try these tools, and let us know how much they helped you.