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Scan your Old Photos, Slides and Negatives

I have a friend who has been throwing fun-filled barbeques for Memorial Day for countless years. It has become an ingrained tradition with her friends, and the event is always replete with delicious treats and treasured memories. This year my friend really got ambitious and decided to scan old photos from the many years she had been hosting the party. She had several boxes of old memories and dutifully scanned them all, so she could integrate the old photos with her more recent digital ones. Her vision was to present a comprehensive digital photo slideshow of all the photos from every party (all 15 years of them). What a fantastic idea and a great way to entertain her guests as they waited for their next margarita to be blended.

The party was a huge success as usual, and a few of us stayed behind to help her clean up. My friend looked exhausted, and confided in me that she stayed up all night long to scan those photos with a sub-par photo scanner she borrowed from her brother. It took her hours upon hours to get it all done, and in the end, she wasn’t really happy with the quality of the photos. I reminded her that if she’d simply sent her photos to GoPhoto.com for photo scanning, we would have saved her all that time and aggravation, burned all her photos to a DVD automatically, and cleaned and improved their quality too. And we would accomplish this at a very reasonable price and keep her photos safe and secure. Before I left that night, she packed up all her college photo albums to send to us, thrilled that she could have her memories professionally preserved.