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Shuttle Engines at Throwaway Prices

After decades of space adventures, the engines that drove the NASA shuttles are being thrown away. As long as you can pay for the shipping and handling, you can pick one of the three remaining shuttle engines for free. This is because the Shuttle program is being replaced with the Ares V launch craft, which is a more streamlined vehicle that looks a bit like the Russian Soyuz. This is a rare case where the streamlined version does not look as awesome, but are probably safer. The Lockheed craft have wings that are really retracted, and look a tad better (shown below).
It’s not the engines that are up for sale. If you have around US$30 Million lying around in the pockets of an old discarded jacket, you can pick up Discovery, Endeavour and Atlantis. Not all three of them, just one. Don’t dream of space travel though, as the engines are being removed. At least don’t dream of space travel and expect to come back. We are pretty sure that the shuttles will not leave the United States though.