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Types of Portable Computers


A device that serves either as a desktop replacement or a portable gaming rig.
Characteristics: Large screen, full QWERTY keyboard, good system.


A small and lightweight device meant for the internet and the cloud, for people on the go.
Characteristics: Small size, lightweight, long battery life


It is usually sleek and light, but bulkier than a netbook. Used for documents and presentations.
Characteristics: Sleek and lightweight, large screen.


Has a range of connectivity options, a hybrid between a smartphone and a notebook.
Characteristics: Connectivity options, lightweight, long battery life


A Tablet is like a digital slate, with a full touchscreen surface, and no keyboard.
Characteristics: Is basically a large touchscreen


Stands for Ultra Mobile PC, a tablet with a sliding keyboard, speakers or other peripherals. Characteristics: Lack of a folding screen, low processing power.