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My Experience with iPad

My experience with iPad has been so far excellent. It certainly lived upto my expectation.

It is little more heavier than I liked but certainly I can ignore this compared to its versatility. What I liked so far, It is the best device I have come across so far for the following.
  1. Managing your emails
  2. Browsing
  3. E-Book reader
Applications I love:
  1. The Elements - A visual exploration (1.75GB): This is an applications which showcase the versatility of iPad. Anybody will certainly love it. I started learning Chemistry again which is the only subject I hated during my studies.
  2. I-Book: It is an excellent e-book reader, apart from its native epub format it supports pfd books too. I bought iPad to read my ebook collection ! iPad will not offer all the fancy features of epub books to Pdf books . So to get maximum out of pdf files you can convert your pdf books to epub using application like caliber.
  3. Pulse News Reader: It is an news aggregator from different news /blog sites . Its interface offers a unique experience so that Steve Jobs showed this apps in his keynote address.
  4. Scrabble: It is a multiparty game where you can use iPad as the display board and your can pair your iPhone /iPod Touch to use as Tile rack.
  5. iWorks (Numbers & Keypoint) : For productivity apps, creating a presentation on the fly is so easy with its drag and drop features. Same applies to the spreadsheet Numbers.
  6. Popular Science : Reading this e-edition of Popular science is a new experience where most of pages comes alive compared to its printed cousin.
  7. Marvel Comics : iPad will sure revive the cartoon books industry. Excellent.
iPAD is trying to offer you best of both World (iPod Touch and Laptop). It almost succeeds. Typing with both hand is easy and if you want the feel of real keyboard you can pair any Bluetooth keyboard. (Logitech Mini dN’ova / dNova is a good option which goes with it in style). You may miss multitasking while creating a spreadsheet using Numbers or presentation using Keynote, so wait for the next major OS release for iPAD which is expected in Sept. But believe me you will not miss multi tasking most of the time, it is just another nice to have feature unless you use iPAD for creating documents.