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Parkbud : A Car Parking App

If you are one who forgets where you have parked your car in a mall and spent lots of time searching for it, then this application is a perfect solution for you. It has many functions unlike other car parking apps for smart phones but it is not free.

Parkbud (http://www.parkbud.com) is a high-end, immersive Car Locator and Parking App that turns the stress of remembering where and when you parked into a worry-free, pleasant experience.
  1. Always know where your car is
  2. Get up to the minute directions back to your car
  3. Find nearby parking garages
  4. Keep track of the time left on your meter
  5. Get reminders before your meter expires
  6. Take notes on parking restrictions, errands, whatever you wish
  7. Use the camera tool to take photos of your location, car, parking fees, etc.
  8. Enjoy an immersive experience with high-end graphics, sound & animation