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Samsung Expected to Release 3D Phone

Very few phones released in the last year have received as much attention as the Samsung Galaxy S2, and quickly became just about every media lover's dream. No need to keep this phone only for making calls and to check a phone number. With a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED screen which is likely to become the industry standard and quick processing speeds, users are able to live stream movies and play games with amazing speed and clarity. When initially released, the Galaxy S2 was even said to be better than the ever favorite iPhone, and was deemed by many smart phone enthusiasts as "the best smart phone ever made."

However, Samsung may be on the verge of outdoing itself and raising the bar, yet again, for Android phone users. Rumor now has it that the company plans on releasing a new 3D version of the Galaxy.

The new Galaxy 3D, which should be released at the end of the year and set a new industry standard for 3D smart phones, should contain many of the same features that made the Galaxy S2 so popular. Such features include the S2's dual-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A9 processor and excellent 4.3 display, but the Galaxy 3D to have a few upgrades in addition to the 3D features. Not only will users be able to shoot 3D stills and movies, but they will also have access to two rear-facing 8 megapixel cameras and greater HD abilities.

The exact specs or release date of the Galaxy 3D are still unknown; however, it is expected that T-Mobile, that also received the Galaxy S2, will launch the new 3D Samsung as well.

With the outstanding advancements that many Android phone creators are encountering, it has become very apparent that the race is no longer between Android and iPhone, but rather Android and Android. The release of the Galaxy 3D will be an exciting launch for many, and many believe the new 3D Samsung will draw away the attention the current HTC EVO 3D is receiving. HTC and Samsung have been industry leaders for the last two years, and both are only expected continue to develop the most advanced smart phones on the market.