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Tata Sky with HD channels

On Friday 15th April Tata sky launched 4 more HD channels. You need a SKY HD or Sky+ HD (PVR) STB to receive these HD channels.
  1. Star Movies HD (1080i it appears the feed is not same as Star movies, different English movies)
  2. Start Gold HD His is mainly Hindi movies but in HD not upscaled
  3. Start World HD (most of the content are HD 1080i, few are upscaled)
  4. Start Plus HD (most of the content are HD now unlike earlier where most of the content were upscaled)
  5. Discovery HD (no change)
  6. NGC HD (no change)
  7. (Event based) ESPN / MAX HD / Star Cricket HD
  8. DD HD (event based)
As you know upscaled channels are useless with wrong aspect ratio and no way comparable with the upscaling of DVDs using algorithms like Faroudja used by your AVRs. All HD DTH channels are 1080i do not expect 1080P in the near future. Tata has clarified that Tata sky HD+ is capable of receiving 3D content whenever it is available.

Sound quality is not the same even though all the channels shows Dolby 5.1 in your AVR (decoders) NGC scoring the best (Dolby 5.1) and the Discovery HD comes 2nd. Start Gold HD and Star Plus HD sound quality is very low and pathetic. Hope things will improve.

With this Tata Sky DH has evolved like Sun Direct HD where you get 4 more HD regional channels.

HD channels makes lot of difference if you have 40” TV or greater screen size and a decent AVR (Audio Video Receiver). For 32” and below you may not appreciate the difference, since you may be happy with the existing SD content itself.