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4G Could Mean the End of Unemployment for Nearly Half a Million Americans

Believe it or not, but higher demand for faster ways to find a phone number for take-out and other mobile device desires could spur the creation of between 300,000 and 800,000 jobs within the United States according to a report released by Deloitte professional services. The implementation of 4G networks across the American landscape is a process much more sophisticated than previous network constructions.

Evolving to the speeds and connectivity associated with 4G is expected to cost near or around 100 to 150 billion dollars across all telecommunications companies. This, in turn, will drive not only immediate employment demands, but the establishment of peripheral industries that will employ further individuals.

But people shouldn't start scouring the classified just yet.

First off, there's increasing doubt being cast on American telecommunications providers when it comes to what defines 4G. Some are skating around the universally accepted International Telecommunications Union recommended definition of 4G, and, instead, marketing their new networks as 4G when they are in fact merely beefed up versions of preexisting 3G networks.

Secondly, let's not forget that data capacity within the American mobile service spectrum continues to be a major problem. Once the military and other priorities take their fair share, the little that is left can barely accommodate the several million 4G mobile devices expected to use these networks.

The boom projected by Deloitte assumes the development, creation, and implementation of 4G in the United States is going to be identical to what's been seen in the development of Asian and European 4G networks. However, it seems that as far as the telecommunications providers themselves are concerned, there isn't any immediate plan to follow suit with the global 4G norm. This could be due to the fact that our already extremely limited number of mobile service providers are in the midst of what could possibly be further mergers down the road. Nobody at the top wants to spend money on a new network if the industry is about to change in a year or so.

The Deloitte report looked ahead at what they consider to be a most definite demand for 4G in America that will be most likely to create more jobs. But they fail to factor in the American corporate propensity to think ahead only when it's profitable, and create opportunities only when their necessary for company objectives to be met.

In the meantime, millions of Americans await authentic 4G, while as many millions continue to look for work.