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CSIdentity® Launches First Global Identity Protection Solution

Global companies now have an identity protection solution to offer to customers, no matter their location or language. CSIdentity recently launched Global ID Protector. Global ID Protector proactively detects stolen personally identifiable information to help keep identities safe and addresses a pain point that many companies are facing as data breaches and occurrences of identity theft become a near statistical certainty.

AVG Technologies is one of the first to use CSIdentity’s technology in its AVG Identity Alert offering. Offered as a new feature of AVG Premium Security, AVG Identity Alert will provide customers with comprehensive identity monitoring and protection.

“Identity theft has become an important global issue and CSIdentity is committed to help minimize this online threat,” said Joe Ross, president of CSIdentity. “With 110 million active users around the world, bringing innovative identity protection technology via AVG’s Premium Security will provide an important new dimension related to identity protection and fraud prevention.”

With AVG Identity Alert, customers have 24/7 access to online reports and alerts of elements of their identity that may have been comprised. Utilizing CSIdentity’s proprietary CyberAgent® technology, AVG Identity Alert will monitor criminal web pages, chat rooms, bulletin boards and other online forums for compromised personal information. When illegal activity is detected, such as the trading or selling of personal information online, AVG Identity Alert will notify the customer and provide instructions on how to prevent further exposure, fraud and take action to restore their identity.

“As the prevalence and severity of criminal activity around identity theft continues to grow, our security software products are evolving with new features and enhancements to better protect our customers,” said Tony Anscombe, Ambassador of Free, AVG Technologies. “By introducing AVG Identity Alert as part of AVG Premium Security, we ensure that our customers are receiving not only the ultimate protection for everything they do online, but also peace of mind that we are monitoring their identities to detect criminal activity and help prevent fraud.”