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How Much Experience Does Your Hosting Tech Team Have?

The growing sophistication of cloud computing is quickly making it the most practical option for those trying to streamline their computer services. For businesses, it's all about economy; infrastructure as a service is simply cheaper and more efficient than traditional home-based IT tactics. Small businesses hit hard by recent economic hardships are looking to reduce costs as much as possible, and outsourcing nearly the entirety of their computing responsibilities for a reduced overall price is an appealing possibility. What was once considered a spooky Orwellian technology is now embraced by the public as an optimum alternative to traditional technology independence.

However, the thing about IAAS is that you lose the direct oversight of your technical operations. By exporting that responsibility you're entrusting strangers to keep your data safe and reliably accessible. It's vitally important to your company's technical integrity that you make sure that your chosen off-site infrastructure provider is not only itself an established service with a proven track record, but that it employs team members who are equally established and have proven track records. Otherwise, you could seemingly be receiving the cost-benefits of a cloud hosting service without actually getting them.

Everybody has to start somewhere, but that somewhere shouldn't be in positions of responsibility when it comes to protecting and maintaining millions of company files and countless programs. Many hosting services make a profit from hiring inexperienced information technologies staff and make it seem like they're passing a true savings onto you. In today's weak job market, that's becoming an incredibly easy thing to do. Lo and behold these inexperienced workers are going to learn the ropes at the potential expense of your accessibility to data and possibly worse.

The best strategy is to make sure your chosen infrastructure service provider only employs an experienced workforce. It takes at least three years of being out of college and being exposed to basic IT responsibilities before the average graduate is at the level of expertise required for managing the day-to-day operations of an international hosting service. Unless you're willing to let your enterprise be part of an experiment for a discount, it's best to only go with a hosting service that uses the best candidates for the job possible.

Otherwise, you're no better off than when you were left with handling these responsibilities yourself; only instead of pricey assurance, you get to worry for a discount. The best of both worlds does exist in the form of a powerful hosting service with a worthy team behind it. It's up to you whether or not to take the time to find it.