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Logitech Digital Home Security

Logitech Alert system 750 Master System is completely wired system (uses the existing electrical wiring for communication) and consists of the following components. An outdoor unit, An indoor Unit, commander software for controlling the camera and a Home Plug interface. It allows you to connect up to six cameras to your home's LAN without needing to run complicated wiring. The cameras will trigger detecting motion and will record audio and video. The system can send you alert messages when motion is detected. You can even remotely manage and monitor your system from anywhere in the World.

Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor unit

Outdoor unit consists of a night vision camera, and interfaces Home Plug and an Ethernet. Camera can be controlled from any PC or smart phone (iPhone and Android Phone) and record HD video (720P) and it supports audio too. It has a built in 2GB Micro SD card and can record upto 2 weeks video and the duration can be increased by replacing the memory card.

Recording can be triggered up on detecting any motion and you can specify upto 16 dedicated motion zones (as shown in the picture above) to avoid false triggering. Since it supports Home Plug interface you need not run separate cables. The other end you need a Home Plug receiver which is connected to your Wi-Fi router using Ethernet cables. With this setup you can control the entire thing from any PC or iPhone/ Android Phone. You can Pan and Zoom the camera and enable live monitoring and recording. If you do not need live monitoring you can just rely on the built-in SD card for video footage upto 2 weeks. It costs you $350/-

Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Unit

Indoor unit has all the functionality of the outdoor unit and the only difference is that it is not weather proof. There are various ways to mount the device – on a stand, with a suction cup or screwed into a wall with a rack-type mount. It has 720P video and has 135 degree wide angle lens to cover most of the things in the vicinity.

It cost you around $300/-

For a review of this system you can visit http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2010/09/logitech-alert-security-camera-review-surveillance-can-be-fun/

Following figure gives an idea of the commander software and the high quality video footage.