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iPad : Wireless Storage Solutions

Some of you may feel that 64GB integrated storage is not enough to carry all your media files. You may feel get frustrated when you find out there is no easy way to attach your USB drives which stores all your media. Many accessories manufacturer saw this as an opportunity and came out with different kind of storage devices to address this. Most of them are costly but very useful for a traveller.


AirStash brings standard SD/SDHC and microSD/SDHC cards to the iOS devices for convenient, hot-swappable access to flash cards on-the-go. Download photos to the gallery with one tap and use your favorite apps to edit and upload. This act as a Wifi access point to storage devices and connect to your iPad wirelessly.

Since it can act as a media access point it is very convenient to use while travelling. You can keep your AirStash in the glove box in a road trip. It serves music to the front seat and stream movies to the back seat at the same time.

For a detailed review http://www.cultofmac.com/airstash-wi-fi-media-streamer-good-idea-badly-implemented-review/50299

Kingston Wi-Drive

Kingston's new Wi-Drive offers pocket-sized portable storage with integrated Wi-Fi and battery. It comes in both 16BG and 32GB flash memory size and can be used for storing additional files for your iOS devices. It works with Wi-Fi adhoc mode (Wi-Fi Access point, no need for a separate wifi router) to connect upto 3 of your iOS device so accessing or sharing your personal media has never been easier. It can be your trusted travel companion to carry around your favorite media files to be played in your iPad or iPhone.

It is costly for the storage it offers , $199 for 32GB. For a detailed review follow the link : http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2388571,00.asp

G. Connect Wi-Fi drive

G. Connect has a 500GB drive with Wi-Fi g/n connectivity specially meant for HD video streaming. It can stream HD video to 3 devices max simultaneously. It has a 1 gig Ethernet port too. You are getting 500GB Wi-Fi drive for $199/- But it needs AC power so it is not meant for using while travelling. So the only attraction is that you can carry along most of your favorite media files and ebooks and enjoy it wherever AC power is available.


In my opinion the best choice is Seagate GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage which was discussed in one of my earlier article. This gives 500GB and costs $199 with an integrated battery so it is truly a travel companion. http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/ 

Wireless Speakers for iPad

IPad has a built in speaker but you may be looking for better quality and higher volume. Logitech BlueTooth speaker ($99) comes for your rescue. It is not small and do not expect very good quality sound.

Visit http://www.logitech.com/ for more details

JBL On Air 

JBL is a iPhone dock cum Wi-Fi speaker set which is compatible with Apple Airplay. It does many functions including clock radio can tune into FM stations. You can use it for streaming music using Apple Airplay technology from your MAC or iOS devices. It can charge your iOS device as well as play from it. This is more of convenience and does not seem to be of any great sound quality and it is expensive at Rs25000/- in Tata Chroma

Apple AV connector may another accessory you may like to have if you are connecting your iPad to a TV via HDMI to watch videos. This cost you around $39/-