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Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon has launched Kindle Fire last week which is a 7” tablet with Wi-Fi and sells at $199. Amazon is not betting on hardware unlike other Android Tablet vendors. Jeff Bezos wants to sell the total experience (like Apple) by tightly integrating it with Amazon cloud service EC2 and Amazon’s online services. Since it is a 7” tablet it is not going to be in direct competition with iPad but expected to launch a new market segment for Tablets.

Even though Amzon is not talking about Andorid it actually runs Amazon layers on the top of Android 2.3. It has many interesting applications but its browser Silk is caught the attention of many as the fastest browser available today. Amazon revealed that most of the processing required for redering the page is done using their cloud not in locally the device. The idea is not a new as Opera browser is doing it for years but they do not have a cloud service to back it up. It has only 8GB memory so not enough for storing media files.

With Kindle Ebook reader Amazon has already tasted success, now they want to take on the Tablet market, as a worthy and serious competitor for Apple. Amazon is going to launch a 10” tablet in direct completion with Apple by Dec 2011. If Microsoft is successful in translating what they showed in Windows 8 to a tablet soon you may see another tablet war which is worth waiting for.