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Jabra Halo and Belkin Music Receiver

Jabra Bluetooth Headphone

Jabra Bluetooth Headphone is a very stylish, light weight, touch control enabled headphone to work with your iPhone/ iPod Touch or any MP3 players. It can be folded and kept in its pouch while not in use. It will be ON while unfolded. It is A2DP complaint so you can pair it with your iPhone and increase, decrease the volume, change the track , pause and play music etc with various touches and tapping in the side of the headphone, no switch to operate.

It can be charged using a USB port or the charger supplied. This can be used for phone calls /skype calls. When calls arrive the music will stop and switch over to the calls.

It costs you around Rs 5999/- and is available in Imagine Stores.

Belkin Music Reciever

Belkins Bluetooth Reciver enables you to connect your BlueTooth enables mobile device to your AV recicver wirelessly. It is an A2DP compatible Bluetooth reciver which can receive your musinc wirelessly and can be connected to your AV reciver using RCA cables.

It available for Rs 2399/-