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Ubuntu launched App Developer site

Canonical has finished work on a development portal to make it easier for programmers to contribute code and ultimately get it featured in Ubuntu.

The site includes a counter so that developers of existing applications can see how many downloads they're getting. and for the absolute beginner there's a guide to getting started. including a video tutorial and a detailed step-by-step guide for creating a new project.

Canonical aims to simplify meta-tasks for potential contributors.

Simplified process

Each distro seems to have a slightly different process for contributing software, with the guidelines for inclusion in Debian. on which Ubuntu is based. being particularly strict.

Canonical must be hoping that. by streamlining the process that developers need to follow in order to get work included in Ubuntu. it can tap into a wider pool of programming talent and get the edge on its rivals. However. if it works. it will be good for everyone. Win!