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Android vs Apple : War for Domination !

The greatest new industry of the decade is the mobile OS. Andriod and Apple are the contestants for the Belt. HP lies beated, Nokia never made it to the tournament, and Windows is the underdog for the first time in long!

Apple started with a bang. They introduced a most loved and successful product. They did it, a decade ago. The novelty has worn off, thanks to the work of the Google Andriod. They boast of their open model as if it was a man on the moon. Nevertheless, they had the logical market of Samsung, HTC, and every other mobile device that doesn’t have a ‘Smart OS’ yet! That is what, made it the finalist in the competition with the Apple iOS on the other side of the ring.

You pick the phone on the corner of the street, you are able to check mail and check facebook, and watch youtube, then you can be sure it is a Droid.

Droids are everywhere. Anyone can do anything with it. Anything. One even used his new Samsung mobile to run an app that made it a room heater. True story. Others did it unintended. If you are running short on battery, you can do a surgery on it. Cut it open, root its OS, read its code, fix the bug. If you can’t do all that, don’t worry, just do the first two and you have many others who have done the next two already. Anyone can do it after all. And remember. Andriod is what it can be. Just like they told you when you are a kid. ‘You can be anything you want to be’

If you are having to make the call with 8 key presses and not less, don’t worry. Just spend 2 hours on the internet, today and tomorrow. You will be able to fix it. It will be 7 key presses. And don’t forget to customize every number individually. You do spend some time for your phone, apart from your family and work don’t you?

Apps are everywhere. You can make your own app, or better still, even your own app store!!! Just make sure you have already downloaded one of the seven virus scans available. You can customize them however your wish btw.

They can pack a punch. In any way you wish. (Hey are you a boxer?)

Apple is a different story, very boring actually, they did most of the stuff for you. You can only use apps that meet high standards and get access quality content in the podcast stores. There is not much for the techies to do here.. Oh wait.. Unless you are going to write your own app that will do something useful and is not going to screw around with the OS.

It is not everywhere. Few have it. It is expensive. It is almost always the most expensive phone in the market. They got the Hardware for the best. They got the software for the best. That’s it.

Basically, Andriod has maybe matched what iOS is.

And as usual, they don’t even see the next big thing that is there. When they do see it (when apple shows it) they are going to have to try much harder to match it this time. Much harder.

By Aditya Chittor