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Edit Videos Online with YouTube

YouTube's editing tools used to be fairly limited, so most of your editing had to be done before uploading. The site has now launched a host of new tools for trimming videos, stabilizing shaky camerawork and fixing problems with the color and lighting. Here's how to use them.
  1. Click Upload (1) in the top right-hand corner, and then click 'Upload video'. Once the video is processed click 'Edit this video' (2) to open the editor in a new tab. Alternatively, access the editor by opening an existing video and then clicking 'Edit video'.

  2. Under the Quick Fixes tab, (1) you can trim sections from your video, (2) rotate (3) and stabilize (4) the image, and adjust contrast, color saturation and color temperature. (5) The I'm Feeling Lucky button (6) balances the lighting and color throughout. Click each tool to open more options.

  3. To make edits, click Trim and drag the brackets (1) along the timeline to the required start and end points of your clip. The arrows on the top and bottom of the brackets (2) nudge the selection left or right. Click Done (3) to delete the greyed-out sections.

  4. In the Effects tab, (1) choose an effect to be applied to the whole video. You can switch between each by clicking them individually. The changes are shown in the Quick Preview panel (2) and your current selection will have an applied (3) box under it.

  5. You Tube has a list of free audio tracks you can add to your video. Under the Audio tab, (1) you can view recommended tracks or search (2) available tracks by genre or name. Sort the results by clicking any of the headings. (3) Select a song (4) to add it to the whole video.

  6. If you want to scrap your changes and start again, click 'Revert to Original'. (1) This will undo all changes. Save (2) will save the video in its current form. Click the arrow next to Save and choose Save As (3) to create a copy.