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ShoutEm Mobilizer - Mobile App Maker

The advent of mobile applications has changed the way we see our mobiles. A mobile phone is now much above the levels of just phone calling, texting or maybe a camera. Mobile apps now have introduced new ways of communication; they have penetrated into our lifestyles.

ShoutEm is tech startup located in New York and creator of ShoutEm Mobilizer – a Mobile App Maker that enables users easy creation of iPhone, iPad and Android apps. It creating new ways for publishers, organizations and businesses to share their content, message and extend their reach.


The ShoutEm Mobilizer is a Mobile App Creator on iOS platform which allows users to have a preview of their app which was created in ShoutEm builder before publishing.


The Mobilizer offers users the ability to test their ShoutEm app’s features, design, and other elements before they submit their app to the iTunes Store or Android Market. The main feature of the Mobilizer is that it basically becomes your ShoutEm-created app, so you can show friends, clients and others a preview.

Some of the enlisted features are news, places, events, photos, social networks, radio streaming, audio podcasts, video, web, ads and push notifications.

Target Audience

The Mobilizer is basically for ShoutEm customers who want a functional Mobile App Builder. For its maximum utilization users must be registered to or have an app with ShoutEm to test. They make apps for organizations, small businesses, publishers, events, conferences, bands, shops, sports etc.

User Feedback

Customers love it! They are enjoying the idea of highlighting their work, product or a productive idea to others before they commit to publishing process. ShoutEm’s plans are to continue to provide quality apps for customers, with the help of the Mobilizer. They believe transparency before publishing is important, and the Mobilizer allows their customers to be satisfied with their final product.

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