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uCoz.com - Online Website Building Tool

How many times have you drop the idea of making your personal website because of the limited control provided by the free services? So if you are ready to have your own website, your way, uCoz will do it for you. uCoz is a free website builder where you have the freedom to build blogs, forums, photo albums and guestbook; in addition you get a tempting free unlimited space for hosting.

The amazingly simple way to create websites has made uCoz amongst the most promising web service. Ucoz has crossed the one millionth mark of creating internet websites. If you want to experience your creativity or make complicated web projects, uCoz make it easier, as, using it requires no additional knowledge.

Its popularity and usage can be easily judged by its 1 Million users already (and still counting). It has been used to build over one million websites (personal or business websites), forums, blogs web portals, chat rooms etc. It is the simple use of the website which had made uCoz register over a million users in a span of just five years. Let us see how uCoz is different among the others and what makes it an amazing website builder and see how it is a good alternative from the other known services.
  1. Unlimited Bandwidth – One of the most amazing things that uCoz provides is the unlimited site server limit which is hardly provided by any web hosting services.
  2. Advanced Content Management System – You can easily keep a track on what is happening to your website when you are making the changes. uCoz’s “What you see is what you get” platform provides you the benefit of your site content area being the final result; it will be the same that will be presented to the real world.
  3. Ability to Back up Your Data – Now you do not have to think again to make changes to your website because even if you reach a point from where your website is not meeting your expectations you can always revert back to the previous settings. The backup of your website is in a single click, now taking the tension for installing plugin for backup is an outdated process. You just have to click and whoaaa! Your website is backed up!
  4. 100% Server’s Uptime – If you have a website on uCoz keep aside all worries about your website. It will be online 24X7. A proper system is in place which handles the website server and keeping 100% server uptime so your website could never go offline.
  5. Better Experience of the market – uCoz has always been a strong competitor in the market due to its existence for past five years and thus it has more experience. The management capabilities of the uCoz team and experience in the internet website designs had made it at par from the others.
  6. Better Optimized Templates – uCoz provides an extremely large amount of breathtaking templates. Now you don’t have to spend time on designing or coding your template or rather finding something worth online. The 250 default templates are striking enough to capture your mind. The tension of the right template goes off once you are using uCoz.
  7. Advanced Widget -Modules can be easily used on uCoz to arrange your website or forums
  8. Perfect Website Editor (Nice CPANEL) - It is having a user friendly WYSIWYG platform. You can easily customize your website by simply adding or removing widgets or sidebars at your own choice. Similarly you can play with color of the website or the links or images or anything you want. Further if you know coding then you can change the look and feel of your website at your ease and even customize your CSS with the advanced CSS option.
  9. Web-based Email, Adjust MX records – With your account hosting uCoz offers you a free web based email account giving your business its own email address.
  10. Universal Language Integration – A very interesting and useful platform which uCoz is providing is the language platform. It has 13 official languages integrated by default; you won’t have to install any third party plugins to make your website in your language. Languages like French, English, Spanish, Ukrainian and others are there. uCoz is expanding its horizons by adding more languages to the platform to make it more usable.
  11. Search Engine Optimization Enabled – If you have a website you surely want it to be known to people. This aim is easily done by uCoz as it is a search engine friendly website and helps bringing a large number of people to your website on daily basis. uCoz have an offers option of advanced website which is specifically designed in order to be searchable on internet through popular search engines like Google.

uCoz has brought itself in a respectable position amongst the most used free website builder. A really large number of customization features, innumerable website templates, HTML and CSS tweaking and a wide range of modules to make your own portal of services makes uCon a truly desirable free website builder. So if you are planning to build a website try uCon you will surely fall in love with it!