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Huawei Sonic : World's First Cloud SmartPhone

What do you expect from a low price smart phone? Huawei Sonic is that low price smart phone which is much smarter than a smart phone could be. It is world’s first phone based on cloud services and Android 2.3v Gingerbread and is offering a 20GB storage (4GB bundled micro SD card and 16GB cloud net drive).

All thanks to Huawei, they allowed us to have a review device. I was not expecting much out of a low price phone, but when I started using it, I just feel in love with it and made it my primary phone. Let's dig deep to know whats so special about this phone.


It has contemporary looks as a high class smart phone has, with an entirely plastic body a chrome stripe is adding little touch of elegance to it and the round corners are making the phone enough comfortable to hold.


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Even at such a reasonable price Huawei hasn’t compromised with its screen. It is 3.5-inch capacitive screen, large enough for one to type comfortably. The resolution is quite acceptable 320X480 display where one can enjoy videos, movies, games etc. Considering the price of the phone one cannot argue with the resolution it is providing us.


Sonic has a decent performance for users which do not prefer many apps running on the background. It has a 600 MHz ARM11 processor (the Qualcomm MSM7227), and 256Mb of RAM. The RAM might not look handsome but it is ample for normal phone users further the built-in memory management in Android very neatly keeps the RAM free for use. It smoothly supports the multi touch zoom, comes with a GPS receiver, 3.2 megapixel camera which also works as a VGA recorder, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The phone in all is true worth of money.Let us explore some of the Cloud Services it is providing us.


1. Cloud+

Huawei is presenting Cloud + services to its users. This service is integrated into Sonic’s platform. It is offering features like Message+, Phone Finder, Cloud+ Drive, Phone Finder, SNS contacts Integration and you can access them anywhere.

Cloud+ Drive

Huawei is presenting Cloud + services to its users. This service is integrated into Sonic’s platform. It is offering features like Message+, Phone Finder, Cloud+ Drive, Phone Finder, SNS contacts Integration and you can access them anywhere.

2. Message+

Message+ is your own way to social networking where you can share texts, photos, music, videos, and documents with your friends. You can see who all are typing and who are not, get read and received receipts, plus you never have to worry about the size of file you are sending. Huawei automatically detects your message+ friends and adds them to your contact list; you can also add your friend easily by just entering his account name.

Group Chat

You have a feature of group chat where groups can easily be created and friends can be connected to it with message +

3. Huawei Social Streams

Huawei Streams provide your favorite social networks in one package. Experience Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn with photo sharing, automatic updates etc. with minimal clicks

4. SNS Contacts integration

With SNS contact integration you can easily synchronize your Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn contacts with your phonebook. Your contact’s updates, albums and your interaction history with the contact are closely integrated with your contact’s information.

5. Cloud+ Synchronization and Backup

Cloud+ Contacts

You have to leave all your worries behind of losing your contacts, all you have to do is turn on the synchronize option in phone settings and you can synchronize contacts from your phone to the Cloud+ server in real time. Contact information updates or additions on your phone will be automatically synchronized to the Cloud+ server which you can use in your other Huawei phones or tablets.

All Backup

All Backup is an intelligent way to backup all your phone data if in case you lost your phone then also your data could be easily retrieved

6. Phone Finder

Find my Phone.

If you have lost your phone you don’t have to sweat on the benches of a police station waiting for your turn to lodge a report, you just have to log on to www.hicloud.com, use the Phone finder feature to locate your phone on the Google maps as well as perform other useful functions to protect your data.

Play a sound. Send an alert message.

Phone finder is an awesome feature using which you can easily locate your phone even if it is in silent mode. If you have left your phone in cafeteria, or in office or it is slid under the blanket, with phone finder you can play a sound to get someone’s attention.

Lock your phone

You can keep your private information on phone, passwords or anything and it can be easily protected as you can lock and unlock your phone from an internet account until your phone is back in your hands.

Erase all your data from the phone

This feature can easily erase all your data from your phone message or emails or contacts in case you lose it or you give it to someone else to use and thus your data is not misused by another person.


Huawei with its rich look, Android platform, Cloud services and performance is surely the best phone you can get at such a price. In short Huawei Sonic is surely a must buy!