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Improve Your Facebook Online Chatting With Chit Chat

Avid Facebook chatters may wish to check out a new Facebook web messenger tool by instant messaging firm Athena IT Limited. Best known for their existing portfolio of Facebook messaging products, including a desktop Facebook chat client for PC and Blackberry Facebook IM, they've recently launched a web messaging tool called "Chit Chat (Web)."

It's clear from first glance at Chit Chat for Facebook (Web) that the Facebook live chat tool adds a large degree of style to ones Facebook messaging. However, once we inspected more deeply, it became clear that Chit Chat offers more than just a pretty Facebook chat skin.

So, let's review - what does Chit Chat for Facebook (Web) Offer:

Facebook Status Alerts on Friend Sign In/Out/Away

In the top right corner, conveniently away from your Facebook browser messaging and your buddy list, Chit Chat (Web) provides notifications of friends that login to Facebook chat and out into Facebook chat. Usefully, Chit Chat also indicates when your friends status change from online to away - away indicates that a friend has been inactive on Facebook or Facebook chat for three minutes or more. As a status, away indicates that your friend is either participating in other activities on their computer, away from their computer or, if their using their phone for instant messaging, has their phone in their pocket.

To summarize, Chit Chat's Facebook web messenger let's you know when your friends status changes whereas on Facebook.com you don't have access to this information.

Your Facebook Conversion In Speech Bubbles

Displayable in the full width of your browser, or alongside your Facebook buddy list, Chit Chat's instant messenger window is designed to be both pleasing to the eye and functional. One of my pet hates when reading Facebook messages is that it's not terribly easy to see whom is the sender and whom is the recipient of a message in Facebook chat - particularly when you are browsing back at historic messages.

Facebook chat in Firefox, Opera and Chrome, in particular, is made much more readable with the use of speech bubbles in Chit Chat (web). Those with poorer eye sight will be grateful for the larger text displayed by default.

Forget Shortcut Codes - Click Those Emoticons

A conveniently placed emoticon can convey meaning that a line of text simply can't. We've all been in those conversations whereby a conversational sentence could mean one thing or another. However, in order to make sure that Facebook message makes sense - you've had to look up emoticon codes.
No need for that here, just click on the emoticon menu and select the Facebook emoticon from the list with a simple left click.

Searchable Buddy List

The buddy list is easily searchable from the top of the list. Type in any segment of a friend's name and the web messenger will find your friend, easily identifying at a glance whether they are online or offline.

The Facebook web messenger created by Chit Chat is excellent and is worth checking out if you make use of Facebook chat on a regular basis.