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Top Gadgets for Film Lovers

Real lovers of film, classic or contemporary, might spend every spare moment in pursuit of the perfect film experience. Choosing a gift for a film lover can be daunting, even if you know their favourite film genre. One thing a film lover will always need and welcome is something to make his viewing experience even more pleasurable.

Picking up one of the latest film related gadgets on the market will appeal to the film lover’s taste. Plenty of new and unique electronics are available to increase the quality of movie playback, the quantity of movies available and the ease with which they can be viewed, both at home and when travelling.

Top 5 Gadgets for Film Lovers

The Japanese company Toshiba has released their new Satellite A350 notebook computer and have boasted of its appeal to the film lover. Featuring a 16-inch 720p HD screen, Harmon Kardon speakers and a dual-layer DVD burner, the media features and portability of this model make it an ideal choice for your favourite film lover.

In spite of the seemingly small 9.7-inch screen, the iPad can also be considered as one of the movie buff’s best friends. Movie download and playback is simple, and with apps such as iTunes and Netflix, access to films both old and new is no problem. Movie information and trivia is accessible through the IMDb app, and iBooks provides some of those popular books that have been adapted for the silver screen.

Now, your PC and flat-screen TV can communicate courtesy of the Netgear Digital Entertainer HD EVA8000. This set-top box forms a bridge between the two, allowing photos, videos and music from your PC to be played on your television. The Netgear Digital Entertainer supports a variety of video formats, including high-definition, and works with any model of television, even the older ones.

If your fondest wish is for the video store to come to you, then check out Vudu. Dubbed the video store in a small black box, Vudu is a gateway to the Vudu movie download service, with over 5,000 movies to rent or buy. Vudu works with all models and makes of televisions and allows you to watch your movie choice instantly on your TV.

No list of must-have gadgets for film lovers would be complete without a flat screen TV. The Samsung PS43D450 Plasma TV offers a 43-inch screen and 600 HZ subfield drive, making it perfect for watching movies. HD ready with plenty of connectivity options, it includes connections for Blu-ray players and game consoles, as well as having USB connections.

Best Film Gadget Deals

Once you have decided on a gadget, whether it is for a film-loving friend or even for yourself, you will need to find the best deal you can. Some of the best deals on gadgets can be found online; either through store websites or on the discounting sites.

Store websites will often feature seasonal sales, holiday sales and will provide discounts based on purchasing maintenance plans with your gadget. These maintenance plans can be a good deal, especially if you will be using the gadget very regularly. Many offer extended repair or replacement services over and above the normal manufacturer’s warranty.

Discount sites are a great way to get a good deal on gadgets, and many offer prices that are well below anything you will find elsewhere.