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Kindle Books & Extras Are Too Expensive

Along with more than 1.2 million other people in the UK, I also received a Kindle. And although I found the lack of a backlight and the awkwardly placed power button annoying, I soon fell in love with the slim, lightweight device. The battery life is brilliant, it's a doddle to use and there's no risk of losing my page if I drop off to sleep.

However, my enjoyment of the Kindle has been slightly hampered by the high price and limited range of the eBooks themselves. From the long list of titles I'd planned to buy, many aren't available in Kindle format and those that are seem extortionately priced. One cost £11.36, which was more expensive than the hardback, for what is essentially just a text file.

In fairness, Amazon lets you 'tell the publisher!' if a book is unavailable for Kindle, and explains that digital books, unlike paper ones, incur VAT charges. But with official Kindle accessories such as leather cases priced £31 and a UK-only wall charger costing £13, it's clear the store is making up for the device's budget price by any means necessary.