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Non-Geographical Numbers - Professional Image for Business

Non - Geographic numbers (NGN) are special telephone numbers which are sold privately rather then to a specific telephone line or circuit. The contact numbers provided contain no information of the geographical location of the line. The NGN numbers are basically provided in United Kingdom and could be targeted to any other telephone number being a mobile or even another NGN. This gives the freedom to user to receive calls ay at time or any location or even on the move.


NGN starts from 0845 numbers and are used by business or public sector organizations. For instance, there are retail stores spread all across the country have a single service number (0845). Customers can from anywhere and this number and they will be connected to the local store number of their city. The owner of an NGN number can even get monetary benefits from the calls received.

Charges to be paid by a caller depends on the rates set by the company. Charges can differ from mobiles or payphones, from a UK number or a Non UK number and they can be much expensive if the caller chose a mobile phone or payphone to call because discounts wont be applied.

Handling of NGN calls

NGN numbers works in a simple manner , they are translated to normal geographic number which can be then considered as a normal number. They can be routed depending upon convenience by time of day, location of caller, day of the week , traffic of calls etc. This is very helpful for call centers distributed across various continents, for example the calls might be routed to a center in India for non operation hours of UK center.

Non-Geographic Number Advantages

Professional Image

The professional image of a company can be greatly enhanced as these numbers give an impression of the company being established country wide.


Having an NGN is really helpful when there is a change in business’ base location , only thing that needs to change is the number that points to NGN. Hence all the customers, clients and the other contacts can remain in contact without providing them any notification of change in your contact number and thus business moves efficiently without any hassles of number change.

Increased Sales

The sales can be increased to an acceptable limit if you use a Freephone number. As we all know callers are more likely to call a number that does not charges or it is less costly than the other vendors they are looking for. Further a Freephone number can also make an impression towards customers.

Call Routing

NGN numbers make use of Virtual Switchboard service like PhonePresence. It helps NGN calls to be distributed to various departments and sites of a particular organization.

Monitor Marketing

NGN further provides advantage of multiple NGN to point to a single telephone number for various promotions and publications. This helps to a great extent to monitor calls , for example, for marketing companies to monitor campaigns.

Business Continuity

You will always be in contact with your customers and business will always be Live even when a telephone line is faulty., as your NGN can divert it to another number, a hosted DR solution or a voicemail number, Thus maintaining the continuity of your business.