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Samsung Phones Get Tough : Lotus Glass

Today’s smartphones require tough glass to protect the phone from a variety of hazards that could potentially cause some significant damage to the phone. For many Samsung mobile phones, Gorilla Glass has long been used. In fact, this technology was recently updated by Corning who is preparing to release a second version of their popular Gorilla Glass. However, this may not be the type of glass used in future Samsung handsets. Reports are that Corning is partnering with Samsung to develop glass for OLED screens.

The purpose of this new creation is to provide glass for OLED screens that is just as durable as Gorilla Glass. The new product is to be called Lotus Glass. OLED and AMOLED screens can become quite hot. Therefore, this new glass must be able to tolerate these temperatures. IT is also reported that Samsung and Corning are looking to create a glass that is also scratch resistant. This would be quite revolutionary as many phone users have long put protective covers to keep their screens from getting scratched. With more and more Samsung devices have touchscreens; a scratchless surface would be a selling point for many. Not only will this new glass be scratch resistant but other features are expected to come with the Lotus Glass. The new glass will be able to have better picture quality. Another benefit to the new Lotus Glass is that it will necessitate less power to use it. Also, it will have a quicker response time.

Lotus Glass will be much different than Gorilla Glass in the way it is used. Currently, Gorilla glass is just a cover for the exterior of the phone. However, Lotus Glass will be used to build the actual OLED displays for Samsung phones. Current plans are to use this new glass product in Samsung’s next generation of mobile phones.