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iPad Overheating Controversy Cools

What happened?

Customers who bought the new iPad complained it was overheating. Tests suggest it does run hotter than the iPad 2 by several degrees, but not hot enough to damage human skin, despite some reports online and in newspapers.

How will it affect you?

If your iPad becomes uncomfortably hot, take it back for a replacement. Apple has dismissed the complaints, saying the recorded temperatures are within its "thermal specifications".

What do we think?

The claims have died down, suggesting some reports were rather 'cooked up' to make for a better story. However, malfunctions can happen with any gadget and overheating isn't uncommon in laptops. People love to hate Apple and a manufacturing scandal always makes a good story.

It has happened before: in 2010, Apple was forced to give away cases for the iPhone 4 after a flaw meant the antenna dropped calls. This time it appears to be more smoke than fire, but it's a good reminder to Apple that customers - and the media- are keeping a close eye on the quality of its products.