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Huawei IDEOS X3 : Review, Features & More

Huawei has once again startled us all by its new launch Ideos X3 . It is an android smart phone with 2.3 Gingerbread versions, has looks though same but different from typical touchscreen phone these days. Let us look deeper into the details of the phone and figure out if it is made for us or not!

We got an awesome piece of IDEOS X3 from Huawei for a detailed hands-on review, so here we go.


It might look like a typical Android handset to a greater number but Huawei has tried his level best to make the phone look a bit different. It has a physical home button three sensitive touch buttons for “back” “menu” and “search”. A headphone jack is at the top along with power button, the volume rocker is located at the right and at the bottom it has provided us a socket for USB charging and Data transfer.

For battery you have to slide down the back cover , after detaching you will find a microSD card slot, a full size SIM socket and a 1200mAh battery.

The phone is made with a good quality plastic which makes a firm grip and easy to slide in pocket. The buttons provided at the end of the screen are not backlit supported but this may not be much of a problem.


It has a usual display of 3.2 inch, with HVGA resolution of capacitive touch screen. The resolution is 320x480 with 180ppi. The brightness levels of Ideos are quite commendable as they can be adjusted manually and at maximum brightness the display is clear even in sun. The touch of the phone is not so smooth and the keys are bit small and somewhat close to each other, but if you come across typing something wrong the auto spell checker will give you a hi-five with the spelling.


Ideos X3 has a 3.2 megapixel back camera for taking pictures and videos. Auto focus is not provided and the camera app is very basic to use, it has digital zoom and you are sure to enjoy using it. It takes great pictures in the light but with no flash pictures taken at night comes out to be a bit noisy. The phone also has a front camera which other phones of this range do not provide. You can use your phone for video calling and video chatting as well.


As we look into the power of the phone, it is more targeted to basic users as it has a 600MHz Qualcomm CPU and 256MB RAM. In the end it proves to be a phone to install basic games which takes less of memory, good web browsing, reading snipping through the gallery.


The phone’s battery is the one we loved the most the 1200mAh capacity is good enough for somewhat huge call usage and occasional web checking , emailing and gaming, it takes time to drain out! Although you will see a more battery consumption on Wi-fi but it is still much less than other phones of this range.

Features and Software

Ideos X3 is bundled with Gingerbread 2.3 and thus has a large number of Android features to enjoy. It has GPS , Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Huawei has done some customizations to the default Android interface and the few animation options at home screen and app menu are fun to look at. Another amazing feature Huawei added is to your contact list where you can sync your contacts from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on your smartphone. The stream app collect the feeds from the social networks and presto you in a single stream. Apart from these there are a number of apps which Huawei has preloaded in Ideos.


The Cloud+ App is another great feature that Huawei is presenting us . All users can register and setup their account with the app and get 16 GB free cloud storage. The data on cloud+ app can be accessed and modified from anywhere and any major changes cna be done by logging into www.hicloud.com with your username password.

The Cloud+ app also helps in backing up the phone and also has a Phone Finder service which lets you erase your data or remotely lock your phone in case of loss or theft of phone.


As we are now coming up to a conclusion that the Huawei Ideos X3 is targetted for basic users , we cannot expect a herculean performance. It has a 600 MHz single core processor with a RAM of 256 MB. It runs basic apps and provide a good web browsing experience bgood and uut we cannot expect it to run heavy apps and hard core games. It may not be fast but it performs just perfectly.
The call quality is good and is quite reasonable for battery as well for a bit more than moderate usage.


Ideos X3 gets a thumbs up from us, it may not be the fastest phone but its call quality and usage statistics are good enough for a casual user. There is nothing more you can get for a price 8000, with a decent screen and an admirable camera.