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Tips to Keep Your Devices Secure

We are connected 24X7 to the internet by one device or other. We tend to switch from laptops to mobile phone to tablets to make us connected. But how to minimize the risk of getting affected by Spammers, Trojan, Malwares, etc.? Let us discuss, how to keep your devices secure and uncompromised while using internet.

Protecting your device

There are few points kept in mind :
  1. Software and Operating System should be up to date.
  2. An anti-spam and anti-virus must be installed on your device and should be up to date.
  3. Make sure your firewall protection of Operating System is enabled.
  4. A hardware firewall could also be enabled which comes through external components like router.
  5. When not in use, turn off the system or disconnect internet. Failure to do so can invite spammers which exploit unattended systems.

Using Wi-Fi Networks

  1. There are few things you should consider while you are connected to Wi-Fi in public places such as coffee shops, airports as connecting to public networks can be risky for your device.
  2. Ensure that you are connected to actual hotspot rather than a fake network created at same location. For instance, you can ask the network name and password from the coffee shop
  3. Always make sure your firewall in enabled.
  4. Always make sure the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or HTTPS setting is enabled for websites which require a login id password to continue. This will encrypt your password. (You can configure these settings from the options under the "privacy" or "account" settings)
  5. Ensure that the url address has HTTPS rather than HTTP to ensure a secure connection especially while exchanging sensitive data like transactions.
  6. Try your level best to avoid using online banking and other such important data while connected to public Wi-Fi.
  7. If you are not using internet over a public internet, turn your Wi-Fi off in public places to avoid spamming.
  8. Using Wi-Fi at home enable it at minimum wireless encryption and public protection
  9. Always keep your home Wi-Fi encrypted with a password to avoid people knowing your IP and committing crime over your name.
  10. Always make sure you turned off automated actions. If not enabled your laptop might map to a wireless connection to match your home , work or public connection and hence your laptop will be open to cyber criminals to play with your device.
  11. Try using a cable connection whenever possible as wireless connections are more prone to threats.

Protecting your Data & Devices

Do you know, according to a survey your digital assets like pictures , contacts, media files might value up to $37,000?
You should install a software that has below mentioned features.
  1. Backup Data
  2. Restore Data
  3. Security to locate missing device
  4. Lock your device remotely
  5. Wipe the data in case of loss or theft
You should take the following things in consideration in order to ensure your data and devices are safe.
  1. Make sure you have an updated security software which includes real-time anti-virus, a two-way firewall, anti-spyware, anti-phishing , safe search, anti-spam, parental controls, wireless network protection and anti-theft protection
  2. Make sure you encrypt your important financial documents.
  3. Backup regularly.
  4. If you have an apple device, transfer you PC best practices to your device.
  5. Your device must be password protected.
  6. Educate your family not to mention any privation information online such as phone number, address and tell them not to click any malicious websites as they will increase threat risks.
  7. Don’t store any personal information on your gaming device, as they now could be connected to internet and are more vulnerable to security threats.
  8. Your removable flash drive or portable drive must be encrypted to make your information unreadable and don’t leave them un attended as they are small and are more likely to get stolen.
  9. Download data to your mobile phone only from reputable app stores and avoid any third party installation. Before downloading a software read reviews and check if access permissions are safe.
In this cyber world, it is very important that your protect your data and devices, and following above mentioned points would help you achieve the same.

If you're addicted to your smartphone, tablet, maybe even your laptop. What is your best tip for keeping all of your devices protected?