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Amazing Phone World Records

Smartphones and mobiles have been a big part of our lives for quite a many years now, and so it's no surprise that they've racked up a few world records in the process. Some websites, like RecordSetter, will take you to fan-made record videos such as 'Most Licks of a Windows Phone' – which was 100, by the way – but here we've compiled the best and, where possible, most official records relating to everything mobile phones, from QR codes to stop-motion animation.

First Dual-Core Smartphone

Do you think you know this one? The first dual-core smartphone according to Guinness World Records was the LG Optimus 2X, which was released to the public in South Korea on January 25th, 2011.

Largest Stop-Motion Animation Set

It doesn't sound like a phone record, but it is; the largest stop-motion animation set ever-recorded was a section of beach used by Aardman Animations in 2011; the film was recorded on a Nokia N8 phone.

Fastest Typing on a Smartphone

According to Guinness World Records, the fastest recorded example of typing on a smartphone was Grace Pak's 246-character text done in 56.67 seconds on a QWERTY mobile phone in a Pennsylvania Junior High School in June, 2011. They do start young these days...

Toughest Mobile Phone

The toughest mobile phone recorded is the XP3300 Force, which was created by Sonim technologies Inc. The company dropped it from a height of 25.29 meters on to concrete to prove its strength in August 2011, making it the mobile phone to have survived the longest drop.

Most Expensive Mobile Phone

The Guinness World Records foundation notes that the most expensive handset ever available commercially is the Ulysse Nardin Chairman, which costs between £8,600 and £33,000. It contains a self-winding rotor, runs on Android, and comes with a lacquered wooden docking station.

Largest QR Code

The largest QR code ever recorded, as measured by Guinness World Records, was made of black and white Lego bricks and measured 16.81 sq. m. It was built by Fiera Bolzano of Spain in April 2011.

Most Downloaded Mobile Phone Game

In October 2010, the title of most downloaded mobile phone game was still held by Tetris, which saw over 100 million downloads. Angry Birds probably isn't quite there yet...

Fastest Smartphone

Not recorded by any world record organisations, Huawei claim their Ascend D Quad smartphone is the fastest phone in the world. One of the first quad-core handsets to go on sale, it may well have been.

First Cellular Phone

The Guinness World Records foundation notes that the concept of a portable telephone first appeared in 1947, while the first actual portable telephone was invented by Martin Cooper of Motorola, who made the first call in April 1973.

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