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Google Launches Chromebox PC

What happened? 

Remember Chrome OS? Google has updated the hardware for its browser-focused operating system, unveiling a new Chromebook laptop from Samsung as well as a desktop version, the Chromebox. The first non-laptop to run the Chrome OS is also made by Samsung, and looks similar to an App le Mac Mini. Both devices feature updated processors, making them three times as fast as the first round of Chromebooks, released last summer. The Chrome OS inter face has also been updated, making it easier to find apps and use them side-by-side. UK prices haven't been announced, but the US version will cost $329 (about £212).

How will it affect you? 

If you weren't convinced by Chrome OS and last year's Chromebooks, these new devices are unlikely to change your mind. However, the benefit of a Chromebox is that, because you'll be using it at home or work, you won't need to worry about finding a web connection.

What do we think? 

Chrome OS computers do offer real benefits over standard systems, such as being easier to maintain, but the cut-down OS needs a cut-down price. Why would anyone buy a Chromebook when you can have a Windows PC that you can simply install the Chrome browser on?

Windows 8 looks like it won't be available for netbooks, so Google's OS could find a home on those devices, but the price needs to match the features.