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Awesome Accessories for iPad

In this article we will discuss about Stylus, Battery Pack, Home Automation Products, Guitar Accessories, Game Controllers, Jacket, Vests & Bags for iPad.This would help you to buy your next iPad accessory.

Battery Pack for extending Battery life of iPad

Once you decide to embrace the digital life style you remember that your head is the cloud (meaning you decided to transition a chunk of memory and thinking functions of your brain to cloud, may be iCloud!) and in turn you outsource your memory to the smart phone / iPad. Soon you realize that your life depends on the life of these smart devices. So you cannot afford your iPad battery is running out exposing you to the Whole World, you feel like you are naked and vulnerable and you realize that you can’t do a damn thing without it.

But you do not have to fear thanks to battery backup solutions from many vendors

Targus Backup Battery consists of 5V 2.1A 4800mAH battery which can charge iPad for 4 to 5 hours working or fully charge your iPhone. It comes with 4 level LED indicator for indicating the battery level and sells for $59/-

Hyper Juice from Hyper MAC

This battery backup comes in varying sizes and give backup for days.

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Stylus for iPad

It is well known fact that Steve hated any kind of stylus to be used with iPad or iPhone. Those were the days when Apple wants to differentiate iPad with older attempts at tablets. Times have changed, for some apps like drawing tools and note taking people realized that pen is better than your fingers and reinvented them. There plenty of stylus available. It varies from aesthetic design charcoal styled AluPen to candy style pen from Fisher Space.

AluPen from JustMobile is basically an artist tool which may the best drawing tool for iPad and cost you around $25/- It comes in various colors and a has a very pleasing design. It is 4.7” long and .5” girth, so little chunky and if you are a charcoal artist, you will thoroughly enjoy this, for others find it is not very precise. For others the favorite may be Wacom Bamboo Stylus which is $30 /- but made with excellent finish and feel.

Home Automation Products

Wemo from Belkins

Wemo from Belkins is a home automation system powered by Wemo iOS app, a Home control switch and a motion sensor.  Wemo application can be run on an iPad or iPhone. Home Control switch is backbone of this system which makes any socket smart. Just plug in your appliance in this switch and you are ready to control using an iPad / iPhone.  Motion sensor gives you additional control to switch it ON or OFF detecting any motion in the vicinity. It provides basic controls but it is worth for $50/.

Logitech Harmony Link Remote Control

Logitech is famous for its Harmony Series Remote control which offers activity based remote for your Home theater setup.  Harmony Link communicates to your iPad/ iPhone using Wi-Fi and is equipped with an IR transmitter to control the equipment like TV or AVR.  It has small RF IR blasters too to reach any equipment kept behind the front door of your cabinet.

 With activity based-control, one touch automatically turns on the right devices and selects the appropriate input settings depending on what you want to do—like “Watch a Movie.” Initial set up can be made using a configuration program which supports 5000 devices.  Just using swiping you can control the volume, channel etc.. 

Over all it is pretty easy to set up and control Harmony Link and it has an advantage over other systems which use IR transmitters attached directly to iPhone or iPad.  This will cost your $99/-

Guitar Accessories for your iPad

If you like to turn your iPad into an ultimate mobile Guitar Bass, keyboard and vocal effect processor and recording studio get an AmpliTube iRig Interface adaptor. “Play, practice and record anytime, anywhere with world-class guitar and bass tones, vocal effects and production tools along with a full portable studio. AmpliTube 2 for iPad gives you incredibly realistic tones and effects, plus full recording and processing capabilities in a powerful mobile app, all from the leaders in analog gear modeling software for professional recording studios.”

Jacket and Vest for iPad

If you are a frequent traveler who wants to carry around your gadgets including iPad it is better to invest in a jacket similar to Scottvest offers as shown below.

Bags for iPad

There are lots of bags available in the market to carry your iPad and other accessories. The following pictures shows bags from Belkin which are available in India from Rs 1500 range.

Game Controllers

>There are Game Controllers which are available in the market. Following figure shows some of them.

So which of them are you planning to buy ?