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Choosing the Best Laptop Speakers

For most laptop users, audio reproduction is not high on the list of priorities when it comes to deciding which machine to buy. MP3 players and mobile phone speakers have gradually shifted our perception of what is considered acceptable when it comes to sound fidelity but with laptops increasingly being used as multi-media hubs, perhaps it’s time we paid more attention to the distinctly underwhelming output emanating from the majority of these machines.

The market for external laptop speakers is extensive and filled with a diverse range of options to suit every budget, however most offerings should provide an appreciable increase in quality over any built-in systems for comparatively little outlay. It’s important to consider a few factors before purchasing, not least of which is how portable you require your new set-up to be. Offerings from companies such as Logitech whose recent Z305 speakers simply clip onto the top of your screen and draw power directly via a USB connection can provide an elegant solution to those who want the benefits of increased sound quality whilst retaining the ability to move around with the minimum of hassle.

At the other end of the spectrum, companies such as Harman Kardon are well known for products such as the famed Soundsticks series which has received accolades from New York’s MOMA, amongst others. Whilst not as portable as some other units, they do offer excellent audio reproduction as well as being aesthetically pleasing due to their intriguing design. The fact that the system is made up of a sub-woofer as well as two other separate speakers means that you will hear a noticeable difference in the audio output of your laptop once you’ve hooked them up.

For those whose only experience of listening to their music collection or watching films on their laptop has been through integrated speaker systems, opting to upgrade to something with a bit more grunt will be a rewarding and possibly revelatory experience. What are you waiting for?