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Facebook and Rizzoma for Сollaboration

Social networks have shifted the way we communicate. Despite distances it helps to keep in touch. All you know that the most popular social network is Facebook. In Facebook users are able to upload photos and videos, make comments, and send private messages. It also allows to interview people and create events.

However, Facebook does not satisfy all users needs.

For example, if you would like to go on a picnic with your friends, this event is difficult to plan using Facebook effectively. In order to prepare a picnic, participants have to create a list of purchases, choose a place to go, and distribute responsibilities. Private messages are not a convenient way in this case. When a group of people try to communicate it is easy to get lost in a stream of messages. Moreover it is difficult to navigate in the long threads of messages that are created by all the participants. The same thing happens when you plan a trip to several countries. You need to have additional tools such as a pice of paper and a pen in order to make notes and fix solutions.

It should be noted that an email, despite of having wide functional, has the same disadvantages.

The Rizzoma service is created to solve this problem. Rizzoma allows to collaborate using online communication. For instance, you are going to Europe to visit several countries. You have to choose sites you would like to see, create a road map, choose an airline, find hotels, know the places you want to visit, and plan your events during the vacation. And so many additional things can happened which you cannot predict before.

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Rizzoma allows to keep all these points in one document. You can give access to participants of the document and invite new people right from your facebook page. The main difference from Facebook and other social networks that you can leave your comments in any place of the document. You can draw attention to a any participant of the conversation to a specific place of the document using @mentions like in Twitter.