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Hosting Online Radio Stations

As we already know about the booming idea of video and audio streaming on websites, CheapestStream.com has come forward with exciting packages in order to provide entry level streaming products in the world of web hosting. It has featured four packages with steady quality levels and sturdy features so that the customer won’t have the slightest of problem and get the best deal on their web hosting plan.

The Packages

The four packages that CheapestStream.com is providing are created by fully taking care of budget plans of their customers. They have introduced plans, for instance monthly, in such a way so as to minimize the yearly overhead which customers has to bore.

CheapestStream.com has come up with a monthly plan of $1.95 although customers purchasing this plan have to pay annually and it will cost them $23.40 instead of $25 which in normal scenario is the cost of buying stream on web hosting. This plan will be surely enjoyed by the customers as it comes bundled with great features and streaming of 64kbps AAC thus ensuring ten people to enjoy music simultaneously. People having idea of streaming plans can clearly judge that this website is providing them great features at affordable prices via entry level plan.

The second package has both a bigger price and better features thus allowing a more numbers of simultaneous listeners. This plan and the remaining two plans also broadcasts higher quality online streaming codecs at 64kbps AACv2 plus increasing the concurrent listeners to 30, this is $5.95 monthly plan. While at $9.95 monthly fee the coexisting listeners increases to sixty and finally the fourth package of $16.95 per month allows 100 concurrent listeners.


The advantage of CheapestStream.com comes mainly from its affordable prices and a great deal of 64kbps for online streaming and also the company promises to provide a great service to their customers. A unified interface is provided for lodging tickets and billing. The support is very neatly responsive but might be bit limited in compared to bigger companies in the market. But the efficient support makes up for its smaller operation allowing customers to save a big amount on their pockets due to higly affordably monthly plans.

Budget-Friendly Solution

The best thing about CheapestStream.com is the affordability especially for the customers who have budget constraints and still need a decent quality service to make their mark around the world. The entry level plan being the most affordable, is available everywhere. Their portal “Client Zone” provides a full customer support if any issue arises after the subscription is activated. Further CheapestStream.com is providing a company scale quality for online streaming.