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Mobile Malware Threat 'Overstated'

What happened? 

More and more cases of mobile malware are being reported, but are anti-virus firms overstating the danger? Network security firm AdaptiveMobile says security firms should focus on the number of infected devices, rather than the different viruses seen 'in the wild', because many of those will never get near a phone or tablet. "We're not denying that mobile malware isn't out there, but we don't see it spreading in the same way that traditional PC anti-virus vendors are suggesting," said Ciaran Bradley at AdaptiveMobile.

How will it affect you? 

The warnings about mobile malware are worth listening to, but the problem remains a minor one for most people. Keep an eye on your device for dodgy behavior, but if you're downloading apps from known brands and official stores, you're likely to be OK.

What do we think? 

Whether research looks at infected devices or malware samples, reporting percentage growth from such a small number is an easy way to exaggerate statistics, so we share some of Adaptive Mobile's concerns. Phone malware will surely increase, but it's sensible to treat with caution some of the more apocalyptic claims made by anti-virus companies.