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VSDC Free Video Converter

We bet, you would have not been able to play a video on your portal video player or mobile device, just because it was not in a compatible format. Well there are many ways to encode and convert a video to different formats but most of them are costly or inefficient.

Flash-Integro presents Free Video Converter that is a one-stop shop and a 100% versatile solution to convert a video from and to virtually any video format that mankind has ever invented.

Be it converting a video to another format for saving a DVD disk to your hard disk in AVI format, or may be a making a Window Media video playable on your mobile phone, VSDC Free Video Converter perfectly does its job. With the built-in support for more than 20 video formats, the ability to create a video for multiple media-players and bulk conversion capabilities, Free Video Converter is definitely one of the most capable converters in the industry.

VSDC Free Video Converter is a perfect and free video convertor, which also offers many add-on tools like a built-in editor to merge, split or cut video clips, a number of presets for one click conversion with pre-defined settings, and a simple option to pull out an audio track from a file.

Thanks to the full support for Core 2 Duo, Dual Core and Hyper-Threading technologies, VSDC Free Video Converter works at a high conversion speed while fully retaining the quality of a source video. Plus, if you happen to have a high-end graphics card, the product will utilize its power as well.

As the name suggests, VSDC Free Video Converter is totally free and doesn’t contain any hidden fees nor does it have adware components. All in all, VSDC Free Video Converter is a versatile video converter with many supplemental functions. Not only does it deliver the superior quality of conversion, but also provides a range of options to edit your video. You can free download Video Converter, and it will be work flawlessly on all Windows systems and it is 100% free.