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Best online tools for your business

The demands of running a business are many. As a result, many business people struggle with many things to make their businesses a success. There is poor time management, accounts, project management, staff management, workflow, appointments, meetings, etc. without a plan, managing a business can be chaotic. Under these circumstances, business people can use different approaches to get by. The most rudimentary would hire more people. However, this is expensive. This article gives you 10 online tools a business can use to manage its affairs. Note that these tools come in no particular order or preference.

1. Google documents

Almost everyone has heard about this tool. It allows you to make spreadsheet documents, share information, create schedules and collaborate with your colleagues or clients. You can access Google Docs on your mobile phone, through your desktop browsers to name but a few. It comes free of charge for all basic functionalists.

2. Basecamp

Business project management can be hectic. Collaboration on projects, monitoring progress and project appraisals are also very critical. Basecamp allows you to create projects, track time spend on projects, evaluate worker performance and keep clients in the know, concerning projects. It’s also great for effective project communications. This saves valuable time. Basecamp has a 45 day trial period, after which it comes with a 20-150 dollar monthly expense.

3. Plagiarism checker

This tool is essential for checking for plagiarism in business documents. In business, copying other business’ profiles, service pages and website content can lead to lawsuits. This tool will enable you avoid all these expenses and more by alerting you of all plagiarism beforehand.

4. Outright

This is a tool that makes it easy to track your finances. It connects eBay, Etsy, PayPal, Amazon, your bank accounts and credit cards. This tracking completely eliminates data entry. It can also carry out tax reports for your finances. The fact that it’s free to a certain extent makes it a must have for your financial management.

5. Zoho

This tool is effective in helping you manage your contacts. It keeps all your contact details in one place. This keeps all potential opportunities within reach. It can help you plan campaigns, create reports, forecast sales and keep the top of things with customers.

6. Salesforce

This is a sales cloud made of 1000’s of sales apps. It has all the different facets for accounts, contacts, event tracking, and report creation tools. The integration with both Outlook and Gmail allows you to keep track of these at work.

7. Highrise

This is another critical online business tool. Highrise allows you to keep track of over 30,000 customer logs and their contacts. Through it, you can keep all proposals and projects in check. This tool has a 30 day free trial and a median-low subscription afterwards.

8. Doodle

This tool allows you to schedule events, format and create polls, etc. You can also organize meetings, seek updates, and invite others to events using this tool. Moreover, it can also create availability schedules for anyone who wants to meet you.

9. Timetrade

This tool is effective when it comes to scheduling appointments. It gives you all free slots depending on your calendar. What’s more is the fact that this tool will sync your Gmail and Outlook. All this ensures that there are no conflicts for meetings. This is a very important tool for business.

10. Claritysoft

This tool allows you to manage accounts, contacts, activities and reports offline. It also allows you to segment the market differently. Moreover, this tool allows you to access calendars, price books, documents and products, etc. Its cost is $39.