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Event Registration Software for Planning Perfect Events

Gone are the days of physical event management. Instead, taking the event planning profession by storm is 21st century event management software. If once upon a time you did everything manually while planning a big fundraiser, organizing a concert, or hosting an international conference, nowadays you can depend on technology to do much of the work for you. Event organizers no longer have to worry about mailing out registration forms, holding registration days, collecting payments, and more. Instead, event registration software automates and streamlines the entire process, decreasing the administrative load and costs for event professionals and freeing them up to focus on the more creative aspects of organizing an affair. Better yet, the technology makes it easy for non-professionals to successfully run an event on a small or large scale.

So what does this new trend in event planning entail and what are some of the benefits of digital event management? First and foremost, the technology simply makes registration easier. Whether you are running a summer camp, hosting a basketball tournament, organizing a state dinner, or planning a local school or church event, online registration creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. For event managers, the software eliminates the hassles involved in manual registration (i.e. distributing, collecting, and sorting registration forms) and promises higher productivity and increased attendance. Online registration is equally appealing to event attendees. No longer having to stand in long registration lineups, fight traffic to get there, or interrupt their busy schedule to register in person, attendees can simply complete the registration process from the comfort of their own laptop or personal computer.

Payment management is the next benefit provided by digital registration tools. The software enables several secure online payment options (including credit card, debit card, PayPal, check, and more). With the software automatically taking care of the business end of things, event organizers no longer have to deal with paper money or the mounds of paperwork that comes with collecting fees.

Here are some more ways event planners are using the latest technology:

  1. Disseminate event-related information (i.e. venue, date, time, speaker lineup, program, etc.)
  2. Customize registration forms by adding company colors or logo
  3. Store registered attendants' information
  4. Track payment histories
  5. Communicate with event attendees
  6. Issue important announcements, last-minute updates, and news
  7. Send automated reminder alerts as the Big Day approaches
  8. Sell event tickets online
  9. Keep track of donation and pledge payments
  10. View statistic reports on demand

Designed to facilitate the management of events of all sizes and complexities, event registration software can be used to plan and organize: seminars, conferences, retreats, company affairs, birthday parties, weddings, bridal showers, church and school events, fundraisers, sports teams/leagues, sports tournaments, dinners, concerts, trade shows, and more.

The digital age is here and thanks to technology event management is easier than ever before. By taking full advantage of the latest event registration software, you can ensure that the next event you plan is a smashing success.