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Use Gadgets To Give Your Start-Up A Boost

Britain has become more entrepreneur-friendly by introducing tax breaks, support for venture capital and other initiatives to help start-up companies. This is a perfect time for start-ups to grow into business giants.

There are lots of ways to give a start-up business a boost, and using customised USB sticks for promotions is one of the most effective tactics if you’re trying to get your new business up and running without investing a fortune in promotional campaigns.

Here are a few ideas on how to do just that.

Go Virtual

Even if you don’t have a website yet, you can always register on social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and add a thorough description of your company. Join professional groups and participate in discussions to connect with people who might be interested in your products.

Attend professional events

Don’t miss any opportunity to network with other professionals and get some fresh ideas on business development. Participate in trade shows and exhibitions to meet as many potential customers as you can and keep giveaways ready.

Be smart with giveaways

Using giveaway gifts is not a new strategy to raise brand awareness. Yet, a lot of start-up companies choose wrong products. What are the chances of getting the potential customer on the hook with another similar pen or tote bag?

It’s much wiser to invest in gadgets such as USB sticks used by lots of professionals every day. Customise them with your logo, company colours and any shape, from an ice cream pack to a book. By giving away such memorable practical gifts, you contribute to your brand’s reputation and spread the word about your company.

Preload relevant information

You don’t have the opportunity to tell every potential buyer about your products, services and special offers in person. Preload all the necessary information before giving away flash drives so that the client doesn’t have to browse the web or carry around heavy printed catalogues.

As part of the government’s plans to boost prosperity in the U.K., David Cameron has recently launched the London-NYC Start-Up Awards programme to encourage more U.K. based businesses to grow. Start building your business right now to make use of new mentoring opportunities.