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India’s First Flash Mob Proposal - Team LG

I was suffering with another lazy day, when while fiddling up with YouTube videos I came across a video saying “Best Flash Mob Proposal in India Ever”. This seemed unique and what was inside the video made it more innovative and kind of sweet.

It all started with a girl browsing an electronic shop in mall and she gets message from her fiancée for a surprise that has been waiting for her on the ground floor. She went downstairs and saw the crowd of the mall was as usual busy in their own shopping ideas when suddenly loud music started playing from somewhere. People from nowhere gathered together and started dancing, while the busy crowd of the mall took some time off their shopping schedule and joined to see a regular flash mob. Everybody was enjoying it, clicking pictures taking videos and so was the girl who was waiting for her surprise. Then suddenly like our Bollywood hero, a guy, the girl’s fiancée, entered onto the dancing area. He called her from among the crowd danced for her and proposed her. This was more or less like a modern fairytale proposal with a tinge of filmy style.

It was really sweet of LG to add a bit of drama and lots of happiness into a regular couple’s life. It all started off with a simple Facebook conversation and the LG WR Forum when Karan wanted to buy a fridge for his fiancée Pooja. The main schemer behind the idea was LG’s own WRMan Sherlock. I have read about him but this romantic side of his had surely been giving him the feeling of being on cloud 9. LG WRman Sherlock and Greg helped Karan and pulled together the first and most epic flash mob proposal in India ever.

Highlights of the awesome Flash Mob Proposal.

I was wondering why things like this never gets published in newspapers or tabloids. While going through the next video I came across its making and then I came to know the whole idea behind the proposal was of LG electronics.

The video was immensely enjoyable and I myself loved the idea of thinking out of the box and taking some time off our busy schedules to see that smile on our loved ones. Though this was typical Bollywood actor Sharukh proposal but even I would not mind being The King Khan for my girl and making it grand for her.

Although I accept the fact that the main idea of LG behind the flash mob was advertising and marketing but it truly stick to its tag line “Life’s good” and gave the couple a moment to keep and enjoy forever. In all, it was an epic flash mob proposal with over 100 dancers and 300 spectators. The groom Karan finally got his girlfriend Pooja's hand in marriage with the help of die-hard romantics LGWRman Greg and Sherlock.

Good work, LG !