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Insight to Lead Validation

Lead is no longer a thing which is tough to find. Leads are now widely used by companies in order to upsurge their margins and multiply their business. There are now innumerable ways to generate leads and newer ways are coming up to introduce it. But as we know with every boon comes a bane similarly with so many options available it is difficult to identify genuine leads. . It is too challenging to differentiate between good leads and bad ones. Sometimes it even happens that companies are given leads of people which doesn’t even exist. This could be worse for promotional activities when 20 to 30% of their leads are whimsical.

Industries which have been standing for long have perfect idea of how dangerous a bad lead could be for the company. This could have huge negative impression on the clients and could lead to deterioration of its reputation, future prospects and even of its own existence. This gives the reason for lead validation to come into picture. Companies which provide the validation steps to validate surely supply the best leads among the lot. And thus TeleSign is sitting on the top step of the lead validation ladder.

Web- generated leads could be obtained easily by entering client details into online forms. These details are further verified via address verification, email verification etc. but this simply does not imply that lead is genuine. This is when TeleSign starts its work. By following a streamline trustworthy process of lead validation thus providing guarantee of 100% genunine leads to their clients.

TeleSign’s unique way of authenticating ensures that genuine leads are supplied to the clients. Email verification is not the only process because as we all are aware of the fact that emails could be created and deleted at owns will. Thus they use mobile verification where TeleSign sends a number of sms’s and automated phone to the phone number which includes a unique PIN code. The lead must enter this PIN code in the specified column of the website and thus confirming his identity. Thus all TeleSign’s people are real people who could be easily reached. This process of lead validation has attained the zenith among lead providers.

The other methods taken by TeleSign include complete prevention of bulk registration and a number of other methods thus ensuring best leads to the client. The technologies of validation is constantly being improved in TeleSign and re-engineering tools are of great help to keep in pace with the rising demands of the era. If you seek for the best company fpr marketing, TeleSign is worth giving a shot.