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Samsung’s Incredible Art Piece World Record - Milestone Of 100 Thousand Artists Achieved

Hey readers! You would certainly not want to miss the opportunity of participating in Guinness World record attempt. As you might already know about Samsung’s initiative “The Incredible Art-piece” as in our previous article.

People across the nation have done a really appreciative job till now and we have already took a step forward to break the record of 201,958. Samsung has already received 100,000 entries, another lakh will not be problem if we all support them. All you have to do is contribute and spread the news, tell your friends to add their support, blog, tweet, spread the cause via Social networking sites and lead as many people as you can to create a history. What's in for you ? You get a certificate for participating in creation of world record.

Samsung has already done the job easier by creating digital platforms to participate and submit your entries, the platforms include a standalone site and Facebook application or you can even email your copies, go to Samsung Stores and even via Galaxy Note II’s application you can create you entry and submit it. Further each one of the contributors will get a certificate for their submitted entry endorsing the fact that you have contributed to Guinness World Record attempt.

Once submitted, your entry will be saved in the gallery and you could see it whenever you want. In addition to the certificate, you can win Galaxy Note II and 100 selected participants will get personalized merchandise.

So don’t miss the opportunity and get yourself a place in the history.

Participate in the Guinness World Record Attempt

You can also participate using the widget below, use scrolling to view complete widget.