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Graphite : Diamond for Technology

Graphite, as we all know is an allotrope of Carbon but we still don’t know its real worth. We are very well aware of another allotrope of Carbon i.e Diamond; but very few know how valuable its twin, Graphite, could be. Graphite has always been just another mineral but let us see what this ordinary mineral blesses us with.

Importance of Graphite

It is considered as highest grade coal and has properties such as thermal, lubricating, electrical and acoustic. It is also light weight, compressible, flexible. It occurs naturally in metamorphic and igneous rocks all across the world. Due to its numerous properties it could be used in refractories, batteries, brake linings, steel making, foundries, nuclear reactors, electrodes, plastics, automobile bodies and pencils among dozens of other industries.

As a reality check, if you may not know, but Graphite is the foundation bed for all the major industries of developed and developing nations. Latest electronic and technological devices also make use of Graphite for powering them via Lithium ion batteries. The amount of Graphite used in them is almost 30 times more than the Lithium used. Be it your smartphone, laptop PC, camera, or tablet Graphite is its major component.

A very useful polymer of Graphite has been successfully isolated from it, Graphene. Statisctics show us that Graphene is the strongest and lightest substance known till now and is being considered as the new Silicon. With the discovery of Graphene, Graphite has become more famous. As we all know every nation strives for its growth and success, Graphite has become the new name for development of a country. In 2012, US State Department has declared Graphite as a critical material.

In-house production : Benefits

As we all know, the world economy today could be considered the best of times or even worst of times. The Chinese have a monopoly over world’s Graphite with around 80 percent supplies. They export the same with huge tariffs and taxes. Producing Graphite in-house could save you a huge tax load and result in cheaper goods. This could be a huge step and will provide employment to a huge number of people and will help in increasing economy. The US nation could be then converted from Graphite-Scarce to Graphite- Abundance
Unlimited Opportunity - Graphite Corp.

A Navada based company came into quick action for exploration and development of Graphite resoucres. This has been possible due to US State Department approval on the same and thus Graphite Corporation or GPRH was made in action.

GPRH is working to its core in order to fulfill the commitment that it has given to the US Government. Due GPRH’s hard work for mining the most valuable resource it has come into picture that just a quarter of surface Graphite in Clay County, Alabama would fetch $2 to $3 billion. This deal is more than enough to raise the value of the company stock by 8-12 times – a dream patch for any investor to dive in!


Early Movers Advantage

As we all know that GPRH is becoming the highest Graphite producer in US, grabbing its Graphite stocks could be highly beneficial. . A simple peek at the Industrial Growth newsletter will clear any doubt one still entertains and encourage every sane person to make hay (read money) while the sun (read graphite) shines!