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Honeywell Home Security : Review

If you are searching for a genuine brand for Home Security System, Honeywell has been manufacturing them for over 60 years. The main customers of Honeywell are local dealers and alarm installers. For a safe, secure and alert home you might have to contact a local alarm dealer at a high price plus you will have to pay $30-60 per month by signing a three year alarm contract. To ease on your pocket, Honeywell has also been selling its alarm systems directly. Let us dig deeper on what Honeywell is providing us through its alarm systems.

"Wireless" Home Security?

There are several hundred security systems available and choosing one for your home is a herculean task. It is even more difficult when you have to choose one from the products provided by Honeywell.

Let us take an example of “Honeywell L300 Wireless Security System”. Its wireless is different from what you think of; they may require a landline phone or an internet/VoIP connection. We all are well aware about the security issues of phone line connections or faulty VoIP with burglars and thieves.

The basic "L300 Wireless Security System" is priced at $415, while the actual wireless system "LYNX Touch L5100," nearly double of the basic product which is nearly $700. So before buying you just need to be a little careful because you might end up in buying something which is out to be completely different.

Prepare to Break the Bank...

If you want to get Honeywell installed , you must have a nice budget. For Example, the LYNX Touch L1500 kit is list-priced at $740 and comes with 6 components - the control panel, three small door or window contact sensors, one motion detector, and one alarm keyfob. But for a family security one can account for such price

According to Honeywell, in order to fully secure home , one must install sensors at every possible entrance, doors and windows. For every extra you have to spare $45. A glassbreak sensor for picture window costs about $91.

With Honeywell, The peace of mind comes in huge bucks, since the systems are sold through a dealer network, the one extra middleman would have to be paid by someone, and that payer will be the customer, he will pay in terms of installation fee or markups. Different monitoring plans will be offered by different dealers, but in whole you will be paying monthly $30 to $50 for 36 months (even dealers who offer a month-to-month option, such as GeoArm, up the monthly charge and tack on a signup fee).

200 Page Manual: Not exactly our idea of a DIY system

Most people prefer installing security systems on their own in order to reduce costs but if you go installing a Honeywell system on your own you might end up facing few problems. Here I give an Amazon review as an example from a customer who had problems installing his wireless Honeywell system.

"If you plan to install this kit yourself, you must know that the kit provided is not complete. You have to purchase electrical wires to connect your transformer to your LynxR-2 control panel and telephone wires (26 gauge minimum) for phone connection . . . For mounting the sensors (entry and motion), they assume that you know how to mount them already . . . The kits come with 3 installation and user manuals, but they are very difficult to follow. I design and repair commercial airplanes for a living, and I deal with all kinds of installation and troubleshooting manuals, but these manuals are far more difficult to understand. I tried the steps over and over again to get it to work. I still have not gotten all the bugs out yet."

But still if you are planning to install Honeywell on your own you must know that tech support from Honeywell is provided only to licensed installers.

Moving Forward, But At What Cost?

Honeywell’s idea of not selling their product directly to customers might not be good on Honeywell’s customers on price issues. The company is planning to invest more in its “lifestyle enhancement” products. This gives dealers the opportunity to tack on more hidden fees, all for things you don't necessarily need.

The Bottom Line:

If you are planning to install security system own your own then Honeywell might not be the best brand for you. You will find several other options in the market which are easier to use at lower cost which you could afford for your home.