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Best Free Game Apps for Android Phones

As electronic mobile devices have increased in popularity, the number of Android phones and tablets users has rocketed. With this, more game apps were developed and designed especially for smartphones and tablets that run on Android.

Aside from accessing Ringcentral phone services, gaming is one of the major reasons why many consumers purchase these gadgets. As part of the privileges enjoyed by Android users, there are free game apps that they can instantly download and play.

If you want to know play games on your gadget, below are some of the free Android game apps that you can download anytime:

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a very popular game. It was released by Apple and was originally designed for iOS. Recently, it was moved to Android and it instantly earned more than two million downloads in its first weekend alone. Unlike the iOS version, Android’s is offered for free. The app store GetJar first offered Angry Birds for Android. Now, it is also available through Google Play.

2. Red Stone

Android also offers a lot of square-shuffling games. Among the best is Red Stone. However, it is also one of the hardest. Obviously, the game involves shuffling of squares. There are two kinds of squares – the ‘pawns’ and the ‘King’. All you have to do is to shuffle the squares so that the ‘King’ square can reach the exit which is at the top of the screen. It may look boring but it is actually a good and challenging game.

3. Bebbled

It is also a shuffling game that involves gems. It is presented in a professional way which makes your gaming experience more fun. The game is very simple. You only have to drop gems on other gems. You need to enlarge groups of gems of the same color to earn a higher score. However, as the difficulty level increases there is a tightening demand for score combos. Also, there are scenes that will require you to rotate the phone to play a more complex challenge.

4. Angry Birds Star Wars

The phenomenal impact of Angry Birds has inspired the creation of Angry Birds Star Wars. In was in the latter part of 2012 when Rovio earned the rights to integrate Star Wars characters in the game. In this game, the players use weaponry from Star Wars to smash down scenery. This will surely entertain not just the Angry Birds fans but the Star Wars fans as well. This move has also increased the number of players of the game.

5. Frozen Bubble

This is also another popular game that definitely entertains players. The game involves firing of gems to make clusters of gems of similar color. It looks very easy and simple but as the game progresses, you will have to face the challenge of having a limited time.

6. Gem Miner

In the game, the character likes to dig the ground to look for things that are valuable. The challenge of the game is for you to micro-manage the raw materials that you find along the way. By doing this perfectly, you can upgrade digging powers. Also, you can buy better and bigger maps and tools.
These are some of the best game apps for Android devices. If you want to download as many games as you want, you need to expand the memory of your smartphone or tablet. So, better choose the Android phone with a memory that can be expanded to up to 64 GB.